ICC Club Development Plan

Our general aim is to maintain a thriving cricket club that promotes the best interests of the

game to all levels and sections of the community.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for playing cricket, facilitate cricket development

irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, religion or sexual orientation and make the club

an inclusive social environment that welcomes playing and non-playing members alike.

  • Short-term aims

The immediate playing interest is to maintain a first XI in Division One of the

Northamptonshire League. We have made the decision to play a younger side which we

hope in time will become capable of challenging for and winning trophies. We will also

provide cricket for whoever wants it while seeking to integrate young players into senior

cricket via the second and third teams.

We will also continue to develop a strong youth section while also offering midweek and

Sunday matches for seniors and juniors.

To provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children and young people to learn and

play cricket.

To develop emerging talent and to provide a supportive environment to integrate young

players into weekend senior cricket.

To secure a new lease that will give us a long-term tenure at Orlingbury Road.

To use significant funding to build brand-new practice facilities in the form of nets - for all the

players to use but primarily for the development and safety of our youth players.

To ensure that Isham Cricket Club and cricket generally are seen as a positive force in the

local community.

To develop a cash flow surplus through prudent financial management to enable investment

in our facilities, equipment and people.

  • Mid-term aims

Our playing objectives are to develop the club’s playing strength to enable us to widen

opportunities for participation by -

Maintaining three sides in the Northamptonshire League with a desire to gain promotion for

all teams and develop our young talent;

Providing a schedule of midweek and Sunday matches to complement our junior


Integrating and supporting junior players into senior cricket; and encouraging parents and

other members of the community to “get back to cricket” or give it a try for the first time.

To provide opportunities for competitive, recreational and developmental matches for all

levels of ability throughout the club.

To maintain a structure that allows junior players to receive high-quality coaching and

develop their talent and interest in the game.

To increase the number and quality of coaches available within the club.

  • Long-term aims

Our desire is to be one of the best and most successful clubs in Northamptonshire. This will

be done by continuing to develop our own players while also making Isham CC an attractive

place for newcomers to join and play cricket.

To maintain the clubhouse and playing facilities to its current high standard.

We also hope to improve our facilities by adding a second playing area to the ground at

Orlingbury Road. We currently have plans drawn up but this will be a development plan that

will take several years to come to fruition.

There are certain issues with our outfield which will be dealt with in a phased programme to

improve its quality.

The maintenance of good quality, playing and practice areas including our new nets.

  • Community aims

To make the Club’s facilities inclusive and welcoming to all playing and non-playing

members of the village community.

We currently have a pre-school using our pavilion during term time and also have the local

football team using our facilities. We will continue these relationships while also trying to

encourage other sporting societies to come to Orlingbury Road.

To ensure that the ground and pavilion is available for use by other interest groups within the

village community at times throughout the year, whilst preserving the priority given to the

cricket club.

To foster good relations and work with local schools to offer the children of the area a

chance to play cricket while also hopefully developing our first-team players of the future.

To contribute to village events as appropriate.

To develop fundraising opportunities for the club within and outside our community.

To improve our communications with the wider local community, including through the

development and enhancement of our website.

  • Organisation aims

To manage the cricket club professionally and in accordance with good governance and

ethical standards.

Operate prudent and sound financial management paying due diligence to regulatory


To review the committee structure of the club to maximise its effectiveness. We hope to

bring some of our younger members on to the committee to bring fresh ideas and


To abide by the guidance and governance of the game as set out by cricket ruling authority.

To maintain ECB Clubmark status and observe all aspects of safeguarding, welfare and

wellbeing requirements, particularly in relation to junior members.

  • Finance aims

We operate a low-cost club structure with the vast majority of our work carried out by


We have an active social and fundraising calendar which provides the bulk of our income.

We need to continue and develop this in order to keep the club alive.

We need to develop a more active fundraising plan to secure the financial structure of the

club. A more determined commercial element will be introduced to the club in a bid to

encourage fresh sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

There has to be a stronger procedure for collecting annual subs from our players and

ensuring everyone pays their membership.

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